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Lord Rage Wolf

Can You Do IT ? Tournament #1

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Greetings everyone.

A new tournament has begun for everyone to participate and doesn't require any sign up at all nor having a minimum requirement for any stats.

This tournament's topic is a Can you do IT which in it everyone will be trying to achieve the task given below:-

This tournament will take place on Garver Bridge (The bridge from LV to SF) shown in the pictures, Players will be using a specific bike called NRG-500 and only it. Staff members level 3 or higher will be supervising the event as they have the ability to give players the required bike to start. VIPs are free to try as they have the ability to spawn NRG-500.


Goal is to use the bike to drive from the START POINTS on the thin border of the bridge without falling until reaching the END POINTS and having recorded that in a video then post your results here.



Rewards will be given according to the time taken to achieve:-

Done in less than 35 Seconds -> 1000 Scores + 500,000$

Done in less than 60 Seconds -> 700 Scores + 400,000$

Done in less than 90 Seconds -> 500 Scores + 300,000$

Just so no one object to the time limits I've tested it before launching the tournament and done it in exactly 31 seconds so if I made it then you can. Cheer up everyone and let the game begin!

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I assumed to do it in 32 seconds

however i am not ineed of the prize and ill keep other players to test it  😉 

Hint : try not to use NRG speed alot 

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@AN4$[TBK] It will be counted as the 1st reward option, meet me or any level 4+ in game for your prize.

@Alphatester You are free to do it, the prizes are not limited to one or two players, many can catch the first prize. It is for fun after all.

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