Version 5.5 is released!

Greetings Modern Warfare 4 players,

Today we have published a new update after a long break, this update comes with the many implementations and a few bug fixes.



Notifications system: An effective notifier; long lines are turncated.
Box UI: Redesigned the box UI, making it smaller and compatible with wide screens.
Recon Class: Added recon class, which is capable of spawning RC Baron and detonating it.
Crates System You can earn these crates by killing, capturing and in many other in game activities. Use /help for more details.
Weed Job: Work as a weed harvester in the farms of Los Santos, harvest and produce weed for earning cash.
Gymnasiums: Implemented an advanced GYM system in Las Venturas, San Fierro & Los Santos. You can now lift weights, run on the machine, use the bike and much more from Single Player!
Banks: You can now register your bank account at the planning department and use the ATM in your base to withdraw/deposit money and to login to your account. You can rob ATMs by shooting them.
Dancers: Added dancer bots at the Ranch Shack, you can now enter it, as well.
Interior Entrance: Allowed the entrance of single player interiors e.g. Casino, house and etc.
Safe Robberies: Created safes at different interiors, like the casinos, houses. You can crack the safe, open it and steal the cash inside!
Trashmaster Job: Clean the cities from garbage by loading the Trashmaster truck with garbage.
Shelters: Abbreviation of Houses, you can now own a shelter/house, place furniture, store guns and much more!
Map Icons: Reduced the range of visibility of map icons on the radar, making it easier to see close map icons.
Gang Zones: Removed the borders around the gang zones.


Bug Fixes

Class bug in stats: Class was showing the player's own class and not others.
Spy command: Skin wasn't changing for all the teams but SWAT/Terrorists/Eurasia.

That's all for now, have fun!
Thank you for reading,

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4