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  1. Yesterday
  2. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    kicks: skyjetz :inactive karen hayastan :inactive stephen :inactive LEAVINGS: zac
  3. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan Warning's.

    BLACLISTED: zac have been blacklisted from clan due to leaving without notice

    I think the server has a problem, when connecting appears in "clan war" mode. not on the battlefield.😬

  5. Last week
  6. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    [SSG] clan is now a vip clan with vip team available for all members
  7. ride

    [SSG] || Clan Warning's.

    [BLACKLIST] ASTA has been blacklisted from the clan. Reason: Leaving clan without notification.
  8. ASTA has left the clan [DW4]Aevanora has been promoted to Leader [5] [SSG]Azeem_ has been kicked out of the clan due to inactivity.
  9. _tekken_

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Andesh Has been Accepted In Clan [Rank 1] Asta Has Been Accepted in Clan [Rank 1]
  10. _tekken_

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    mike_adams has been promoted [ RANK 3] .
  11. Earlier
  12. please,need clan war and im ready for this

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    2. gam3rz.gaming


      ok phir 3 weeks bad mere exams hain

    3. _tekken_


      Kon si class ka ?

      Mera Bhi ha 10th ka

    4. gam3rz.gaming


      mere class 6th hai

  13. need clan war bro

  14. bialwal_bhutto

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Dont talk it here plz go to clan discussion if you want to talk about anything and your rank is based on activity we have 4 owners +co owners so they will promote you if they see you active and loyal.Asking for promotion again and you will be kicked
  15. gam3rz.gaming

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    But my clan ranks is copral
  16. _tekken_

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    /warn Don't ask for promotions next time you will be kicked/Demoted
  17. Sajawal

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    @gam3rz.gaming , you're an interesting guy. but i wanna clarify you that promotion comes from loyalty. And it takes time to prove loyalty. Show me your presence for a week and You'll be promoted to rank 2.
  18. gam3rz.gaming

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    also need promotion
  19. Sajawal

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    ----------------Memberlist has been updated----------- Following are the players who have got promotions Luxor_Capone Pong _TEKKEN[SSG] ------------------------------------------------
  20. H2O

    Clan Tournament

    Special Service Group won the clan war!
  21. Sajawal

    Clan Tournament

    No boy, it's for the SSG and Veterans's clan members(including Leaders and all lower ranks). You can join this clan war aswell, just dont forget to login at the time of clan war.
  22. Rohail

    Clan Tournament

    it is for the leaders only ?
  23. _StoneCold_[TBK]

    [SSG] || Clan || News/memberslist

    Luxor_Capone has been joined to clan. [RANK 1]. Pong has been promoted [ RANK 2] .
  24. _tekken_

    Leaving Topic

    your in game name: [Tp]Tekken  your rank in TP: Recruits why do you want to leave?: Due to personal reasons
  25. PoTaeNa mo! Ano na naman 're? Tanginang 'to! And why is Mr. Bean your profile picture? WTF? HAHAHAHAHA! Fucker! 

    1. Hack[SOURCE]


      Hi Pretty cousin shhhh grabe ka naman saken :< can't you just support me> di kita lilibre sige ka :<

    2. Eminem


      oof  hi mga tropa

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